Snoot for Bowens S-Mount Strobes


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Key Features
  • Narrows the Flash Beam
  • Includes Removable 30° Grid
  • Blue, Red, Yellow, Frosted Filters

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Impact SN-1000 Overview

The Impact Snoot for Select Impact/Bowens S-Mount Strobes fits over the head and narrows the output into a soft circle that is smaller as you move closer to your subject and grows larger as you move it away. For a still smaller circle of light removable grid is included. The snoot is ideal for creative effects on backgrounds or for a hair or accent light. The included filters can be slid into the filter holder for creative color or diffusion effects.

The snoot is compatible with Impact Monolights (except EX100A), Bowens, Travelite, Cowboy, Interfit Stellar, JTL, Photoflex, Rime Lite, and Westcott flash heads.

Narrowly focuses the light output
Removable 30 degree grid further narrows beam
Includes four filters
Ideal for portrait and product photography


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