Introducing the Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art: The World’s First F1.8 Full-Frame Mirrorless Zoom Unprecedented Brightness and Sharpness.

The Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens marks a significant milestone in the world of photography. As the world’s first full-frame zoom lens with a constant maximum aperture of F1.8, it promises exceptional sharpness and clarity that rivals that of prime lenses. Building on Sigma’s tradition of innovation, this lens is set to become an indispensable tool for both photographers and filmmakers.

Unprecedented Brightness and Sharpness

Sigma has pioneered large-aperture zoom lenses, and the 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art continues this legacy. Its constant F1.8 aperture throughout the zoom range delivers remarkable brightness, making it ideal for low-light situations and creating stunning bokeh. This lens offers sharpness and clarity comparable to prime lenses, ensuring that every shot is captured with precision and detail.

Versatile and Portable

This new addition to the Art lineup is both fast and portable. It provides the versatility that photographers need without compromising on performance. The 28-45mm focal length range covers a variety of shooting scenarios, from wide-angle landscapes to tight portrait shots. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for on-the-go photography, ensuring you have a powerful tool at your disposal, wherever you are.

Superior Autofocus and Operability

The Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art is equipped with fast and precise autofocus, making it perfect for capturing fast-moving subjects. The superior operability of this lens ensures that both professional and amateur photographers can achieve their creative visions with ease. Its innovative design and functionality turn a new page in the history of zoom lenses, opening up new creative possibilities for users.

Ideal for Filmmakers and Photographers

This lens is not just for photographers; it is also a game-changer for filmmakers. Its constant F1.8 aperture provides consistent exposure throughout the zoom range, which is crucial for video work. The exceptional optical performance ensures that footage is sharp and clear, even in challenging lighting conditions. For still photographers, the versatility and quality of this lens make it a perfect addition to any camera bag.

Pricing and Availability

The Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens is available for purchase through various retailers. To explore more about this innovative lens and to make a purchase, visit the official Sigma product page.

For those in Pakistan, you can check out the latest prices and availability on the Global Fotos Sigma lens page.


The Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens redefines what is possible with a zoom lens. Its combination of unprecedented brightness, prime-like sharpness, and versatile focal length range makes it a must-have for both photographers and filmmakers. Whether you are capturing stills or shooting video, this lens offers the performance and flexibility you need to create stunning images and footage.

Investing in the Sigma 28-45mm F1.8 DG DN | Art lens means embracing the cutting edge of photographic technology, ensuring your creative vision is captured with unparalleled clarity and detail.

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