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Explore Our Extensive Camera Collection:

Welcome to Global Fotos, your one-stop destination at Camera Market, Nisbet Road, Lahore, for all your photography and videography needs! As a premier camera shop, we take pride in offering a vast range of products from leading brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic beginner, we’ve got everything you need to enhance your photography and videography experience.

At Global Fotos, we understand the importance of choosing the right camera for your specific needs. Our shop boasts an extensive collection of DSLR and mirrorless cameras from renowned brands. Whether you prefer the classic Canon, the innovative Nikon, or the cutting-edge Sony, we have the perfect camera to match your style and skill level.

Accessorize for Excellence:

Elevate your photography and videography game with our wide range of accessories. Global Fotos is your go-to store for Godox and Amaran lights, essential for achieving the perfect lighting conditions in any environment. Enhance your audio quality with top-notch microphones from Rode and Boya, ensuring crystal-clear sound for your videos. We also stock Sandisk memory cards, Sigma, Tamron, and Viltrox lenses, providing you with the tools to capture every moment with precision.


Lights, Camera, Action – Godox and Amaran Lights:

Global Fotos is proud to offer a diverse selection of lighting solutions to illuminate your creativity. Whether you’re a studio professional or an on-the-go content creator, our range of Godox and Amaran lights caters to all your lighting needs. From portable LED panels to powerful studio strobes, find the perfect lighting setup to make your photos and videos stand out.


Crystal-Clear Audio – Rode and Boya Microphones:

Audio quality is just as crucial as visuals when it comes to creating captivating content. Discover the world of professional-grade audio recording with our Rode and Boya microphones. Whether you’re conducting interviews, vlogging, or capturing events, our microphones ensure that every word is heard with clarity and precision.


Expand Your Creative Horizon – Sigma, Tamron, and Viltrox Lenses:

Global Fotos understands the significance of high-quality lenses in achieving stunning visuals. Explore our collection of Sigma, Tamron, and Viltrox lenses, designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and videographers alike. From wide-angle to telephoto, our lenses open up new possibilities for creativity and storytelling.

Reliable Storage – Sandisk Memory Cards:

Never miss a moment with reliable and high-capacity storage solutions from Sandisk. Global Fotos stocks a variety of Sandisk memory cards to ensure that your footage and photos are safely stored and easily accessible whenever you need them.



Global Fotos is more than just a camera shop; it’s your partner in capturing moments that matter. With a comprehensive range of cameras, accessories, and top-tier brands, we provide photographers and videographers in Lahore with the tools they need to express their creativity. Visit us at Camera Market, Nisbet Road, Lahore, and embark on a journey to elevate your photography and videography experience with Global Fotos. Capture the perfect shot every time!

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